International running competition 12th of October

Lithuanian autumn cross country championship 12th of October


According to the organizers of the event great place to run nautical mile is our wonderful Smiltyne. The participants feel the spirit of the sea and the port already by getting on the other side by a ferry. Sport and Health base is the start and the finish. There is a stone commemorating the winners near the ferry and next to the track.

The track of 3 nautical miles (men run 2 laps) is never altered and will not be in the future, thus records are fixed in distances of 3 and 6 nautical miles. The track begins in the Sport and Health base, continues along the dunes, to the beat of the sea waves. The coating of the track: 60% – asphalt, 35% – forest ground, 5% – sand of the beach. The landscape of the track is with some hills. 1 nautical mile track makes 60%  asphalt and 40% grass. All participants are recommended to wear running shoes.


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